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25 Momme Silk Pillowcase - Envelope - Queen size - custom and wholesale

25 Momme Silk Pillowcase - Envelope - Queen size - custom and wholesale

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This listing show that 25 Momme Silk Pillowcase Envelope Closure - Queen size, support custom silk pillow case wholesale. 25 momme mulberry silk pillowcase are the beginning of heavy luxurious. Mulberry silk 25 momme pillowcase use more silk yarns, more thicker silk fabric. When you touch 25 momme silk pillow case, you can feel it luxurious and soft, luxurious and heavy. It is great choice for the store who need provide higher quality to consumers. 100 mulberry silk pillowcase 25 momme have 9 solid stock colors options, and also accept custom colors.
  • 100% Mulberry silk fabric 25 momme-Grade 6A
  • Envelop, Double side pure silk fabric
  • Size: Queen: 50×75cm 20×30inches
  • Color: 9 Colors on Stock Color Sheet.
  • Our Service:
  1. Support sample
  2. Bulk silk pillowcases wholesale - 1 piece start.
  3. Custom branded silk pillowcase with brand tag : Pay custom brand label cost - order pure mulberry silk pillowcase without MOQ; Pay custom brand hang tag cost - buy silk pillowcase without MOQ.
  4. Logo Embroidered silk pillowcase : MOQ request 20 pieces per color per size at least. To have competitve price, we recommend you order 50pieces per color per size
  5. Custom printed silk pillowcase : Recommend order 1 pattern for your all silk products to make each products have low MOQ.
  • Bulk silk pillowcase wholesale price list are near to 'add to cart', please scroll up this page. Pure mulberry silk pillowcases wholesale price Excludes any accessories, only 100% silk pillowcase, and online price list are single color price (eg. 100pieces all in #26 natural white color). If need mix color price list (eg. 500pieces in 5 colors.) of luxury silk pillowcase, please contact us.
  • Tips:
  1. Queen size silk pillowcases are the most popular.
  2. Envelope silk pillowcases are hotsale types of 100% mulberry silk pillowcase.
  3. Mulberry silk 25 momme pillowcases are presium natural silk pillowcase.

We're China silk pillowcase manufacturer, produce different types of 100% mulberry silk pillowcase 19/22/25/30 Momme. We provide mulberry silk pillow case wholesale without minimum order requests (MOQ). Customized silk pillow cases with brand label without MOQ, low moq to embroidered silk pillowcase and custom printed silk pillowcase. We support silk pillow covers trial order and sample for quality testing. Our mulberry silk pillowcases are soft and gentle on your skin and hair, anti-mites, acne-fighting, Moisture - Retaining.

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Why offer 25 momme silk pillowcase envelope closure?

25 momme silk pillowcase are one of top luxurious silk pillowcase series. Envelope silk pillowcase are hot popular real silk pillowcases. Both together, these are hot sale 25 momme silk pillowcases.
Silk 25 momme pillowcases' target consumers are, who knows of silk fabric benefits, enjoy silk products and willing to spend much money on silk products or who doesn't care about money only care about silk pillowcase quality. Compare with 22 momme silk pillowcase, this 25 momme silk pillowcase are much durable, much luxurious - heavy luxurious.

What is the high quality silk pillowcase your factory offer?

This 100% mulberry silk pillowcase 25 momme are used grade 6A silk fiber, called 6a mulberry silk pillowcase 25 momme . Simply called 25 momme silk pillowcase / 25 mm silk pillowcase.

Does mulberry silk 25 momme pillowcase support 1 piece wholesale?

Yes, we support 25 momme silk pillowcase wholesale 1 piece start.

Custom Pillowcase MOQs - logo embroidery / brand tag / pattern

  • With stock silk fabric, customized silk pillowcase with brand label / brand hang tag, there doesn't have minimum. Only need pay brand label / hang tag cost.
  • Custom embroideried silk pillowcase, MOQ request 20 pieces per color per size at least. To have competitve price, we recommend you order 50pieces per color per size.
  • Custom printed silk pillowcase with pattern, please send detailed requests, then we will work out MOQ based on requests.

Could we customized silk pillowcase size / workmanship if we don't need envelope silk pillowcase?

Yes. As professional silk pillowcase manufacturer, we offer customized silk pillowcase in any size / workmanship available.

How many colors of regular stock silk fabrics are available for 25 momme silk pillowcases? customized color as per pantone TPX available?

Please noted that, 25 momme regular stock fabric only few colors, normally, only have white and black color. Some times have other clients orders' balance fabric, so if there need others colors, please confirm with us. Based on stock silk fabric, we offer 1 pieces wholesale mulberry silk pillowcase 25 momme, and custom silk pillow case with low MOQ in 36 colors.
But pure silk pillowcase width size higher than 60cm(Eg 60×63cm; 60×70cm; ) need use wide width silk fabric, wide width silk fabric only have few colors in stock, please contact us to check.

What is the 25 momme natural silk pillowcases' package ?

Yes, we supply customized package, support free bag, customized bag and gift box.

About care label on silk pillowcase ?

Normally, we put a non-brand care label on 100% silk pillowcase. If you need brand label or brand care label on luxurious silk pillowcase, please contact us to customized.

Still not sure how to choose the right silk pillowcase for your market? Please click 'Custom Silk Pillowcase' to learn how to choose silk pillowcase.

Please send requests with details.

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