• 19 Momme Silk Fabric

    • higher quality
    • widely used
    • around 19% more silk yarn than 16 momme
    • hand feeling - thicker
    • I Durable
  • 22 Momme Silk Fabric

    • premium quality
    • widely used
    • around 16% more silk yarn than 19 momme
    • hand feeling -thicker
    • II Durable
  • 25 Momme Silk Fabric

    • superior quality
    • around 14% more silk yarn than 22 momme
    • hand feeling - obviously thicker more
    • III Durable
  • 30 Momme Silk Fabric

    • top-level quality
    • around 20% more silk yarn than 25 momme
    • hand feeling - top thicker
    • IIIII Durable
  • 16 Momme Silk Fabric

    • basic quality
    • hand feeling -thin
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Our Silk Factory Custom Silk Pillowcase Wholesale Service

Wholesale silk pillowcases No MOQ - Custom silk pillowcases low MOQ

We are leading silk pillowcase manufacturer in China, and specialize in producing high quality silk pillowcases, silk fabric quality in 100% mulberry silk 19/22/25/30 Momme grade 6A long fiber, which is known for its softness, luxurious, smoothly, anti - aging, wrinkle - preventing, hypoallergenic properties, less frizz, moisture - retaining etc.

We offer silk pillowcase wholesale without minimum order quantity(MOQ), making it easy for our customers to place orders of any size and any quantity, decrease clients sourcing cost, improve their money return. We provide custom silk pillowcases with low minimum order quantities, allowing our customers to personalize their orders with their own designs. Like custom silk pillowcase with logo, embroidered silk pillowcase, custom printed silk pillowcase etc. We also support silk pillow case sample for quality checking. Our manufacturing process is highly efficient and ensures that we produce silk pillowcase bulk at an competitive price. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best service possible. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy silk pillowcase supplier, look no further. We are committed to delivering high-quality silk pillow case and outstanding customer service. Contact us today to place your order or to learn more about our products and services.

Below is popular size silk pillow case in market, please click to find mulberry silk pillowcase photos, workmanship, custom silk pillowcase notes and wholesale price list.

Except below silk pillowcase size, we produce any size silk pillowcase, all based on your needs. If do not know which size silk pillowcase you should order for your store, please read popular size silk pillowcase.

Can't find silk pillowcase size you need? please email us.