Price Explanation

To meet customer demand, we will support others currency functionality starting in January 2024. Due to technical reasons, wholesale price lists are still only displayed in US dollars.

To avoid any possible misunderstandings about website price, please read the following for our website price information.

In order to avoid further misunderstandings, our website does not support other language features at the moment.

How to find Currency Converter Button?

  • Computer: on the top left of the website;
  • Mobile Phone: on the left bottom of the website:

How to use Currency Converter ?

Please click the products listing you are interested in, then click Currency Converter Button, click the currency you need, then there will show the currency you need.

  • Step 1: Click the products listing
  • Step 2: Click Currency Converter Button
  • Step 3: Click Currency you need
  • Step 4: Auto exchange to new currency you need

Which products listings display the new currency when click Currency Converter Button ?

Except for the wholesale price list, all others ( each products collection / products unit price / dropshipping listings etc. ) display new currency. ( Due to the technical reasons)

The easily misunderstood part is the detail page of each product listing, where the unit price and wholesale price list are displayed. Unit prices can be converted to New Currency Prices, but Wholesale Prices Cannot. Please note that wholesale prices clearly show US dollar (USD) marks, please do not misunderstand.

We understand you may need currency to check price and calculate your budget. We recommend that you open Google, enter currency exchange, and then select USD to convert your currency, and then you can get the price of your currency based on the current exchange rate.

  • Please note that when the exchange rate changes (USD to convert your currency), the prices of your currencies may change.
  • Because currency exchange rates change, please allow a price margin when calculating the price of your country's currency.
  • Please note that we will still make invoice in USD for custom and wholesale orders. If required, we can send you a payment link based on your currency's current exchange rate in that time.
  • Our USD prices are stable and we recommend that you evaluate prices in USD,especially for custom and wholesale orders.

Please contact us If have questions.