Accessories service

To produce finished silk products, in addition to silk products, labels, hang tags and packaging are also required. our factory accept clients provide accessories or we supply all of them - silk products and accessories.

Labels Service

Normally, each silk products need a label to show our brand or care instructions - brand label, brand care label.

Print label: print brand label; print care label

Woven label: woven brand label; woven care label

Hang Tag Service

Because each product has a different size and each brand logo has a different size, we maybe need to customize brand logos of different sizes according to the product and logo. For small orders, the cost of accessories is too high. Hang tags can solve this problem very well. The combination of a brand hang tag and stickers with different contents can suit all products.


Exquisite packaging can improve customers' favorability towards the brand and maintain the beauty of the product to the greatest extent.

For small batch customers, the customized packaging and air shipping costs are too high. Simple packaging can save shipping costs, and it is more cost-effective for customers to purchase suitable packaging locally. So we provide free packaging - free polyester bag. Customers can also use free polyester bag and customized brand paper card packaging - simple packaging can also achieve brand communication.