Professional Silk Products Factory

Our silk factory is a professional manufacturer and supplier of silk products. Currently we only produce pure mulberry silk products and provide customization and wholesale services. We provide stable quality and price to support your business.

Pure mulberry silk products

Currently, all website online silk products, except silk velvet hair ties, are made of 100% mulberry silk fabric.

There is an easy way to test the quality of silk fabrics: fire silk fabric. After burned silk fabric, the fabric shows like below, and the smell like we burn our hair. That means real silk fabric.

Different momme ( 16/19/22/25/30 Momme ) is silk fabric thickness, it is about silk fabric durability. For details, please click 'different momme silk fabric'.

Silk Products Types

Our online silk products are hot-selling types and are still being updated. As professional silk products supplier and manufacturer, we produce a wider variety of silk products than the website. If the site doesn't have the type you like, please contact us.

We produce silk pillowcase, silk sleep eye mask, silk hair scrunchies, silk hair bonnets, silk headbands, silk bedding sets, silk comforter & pillow, silk pajamas, silk scarf and silk slippers etc silk products.

  • Silk pillowcase, silk sleep eye mask, silk hair scrunchies, silk hair bonnets, silk headbands, silk bedding sets, these silk fabric products are best for small order. We have stock silk fabric support small order, silk products' package volume not too big, and price not higher, suitable for limited budget.
  • Silk pajamas, we have stock. But each country have their own garment size, so silk pajamas size, you maybe need test our stock size. Customized silk sleep wear requests higher MOQ.
  • Silk Comforter and Pillow: Volume too big, shipping by air, cost too higher. It is suitable for shipping by sea.

Hand feeling of silk fabric

Our silk fabric hand feeling is soft but not be damaged easily. Very soft silk fabric easily be damaged even if by our nail, so our silk fabric meet mostly clients needs, not too soft, not too hard, just suitable.

Silk fabric hand feeling is the fabric production procedures of fabric after treatment. so it can be customized. so If you like very soft hand feeling, then please customized order.

Hand-made Quality Checking

Our workers are experienced and excellent, and we have strict quality inspection policy to ensure order production.

Via email / whatsapp / website, we know how hard to build a trust. Have your trust is our honor. We wanna let you know of your products procedures and products quality before ship out, so we will share products video / pictures during order production periods.


Our silk product markets are mainly North America, Europe and Australia. So our online silk product sizes are mainly targeted at these markets. If you need other sizes, please contact us. We welcome customization.


Currently we have silk fabric in regular stock and have our own regular stock color sheets, to meet most clients custom and wholesale needs. Mostly, we keep 4 rolls of each color in stock.

  • Principle
    Our principle is insured that one color without colors difference in one order, under natural lights. For example, one order, there need pink silk pillowcase, pink silk scrunchies and pink silk sleep mask. In one order, there doesn't have color difference.
    (Natural lights is sun light, but not directly under sunshine.)
  • Repeat order maybe have color differents?
    Because each batch silk fabric have color difference under professional D65 color lights. We choose the best similar color swatches to arrange each batch silk fabric, but can't avoid.
  • My brand have strict color requests, can we keep each order color same, at least almost no color difference under natural light.
    Customized color. Each order meet customized fabric minimum. then we keep each your order color swatches for next order, to customized colors. We can insured there doesn't have color difference under natural lights.
  • Only have small budget and buy stock? each order must have color difference?
    Sometimes. If repeat order very soon, one batch stock still have stock, then No color differences. If takes long time, there have. Stock is stock team release order for production, then production team arrange production, then transfer into stock warehouse.
    Please noted that, buy stock, same time, customized some same color products, there have color difference, if can't accept, please make whole orders customized.

  • Europe clients, sometimes need 50×70cm and 60×63cm silk pillowcase in same time. 50×70cm silk pillowcase use narrow width sillk fabric, 60×63cm silk pillowcase use wide width silk fabric. so If order can't meet customized, there have must color difference. Narrow width silk fabric and wide width silk fabric can't dyeing in same machine, so there must have color difference. and stock same color fabric, narrow silk fabric and wide width silk fabric mostly have color difference. If can customized silk fabric, we can use narrow width silk fabric as color swatches to customied width silk fabric, to insured no color difference under natural lights. If there must can't accept color difference, try 1 size silk pillow cases first.

Our Price

Our silk products price lists are based on quantity and color.
Large quantity, each fabric cost and labor cost lower, silk products unit price lower.
Small quantity, unit price higher. Small quantity and mix color quantity price higher more. Reason is unit products raw cost and labor cost higher.

  • Large quantity price can be negociate?
    Yes, share your orders to us, we will study your order and apply best price for you.

To be honest, if don't consider of quality, any price available. After all, we have strong supply chain, find poor quality products are not a hard thing.
Building a brand spend brand owner much time and money, and we believe that most brand owner wanna bring good quality to their target consumers, make the brand more vital. Vendor and Brand are partner, we work together for more large market. We keep quality steady, support new products etc service, brand owner can focus on their market. So we insist on providing only high-quality silk products.

Cruelty free silk products

All silk products are cruelty free silk products.

As you know, silk fabric is made of silk yarns. Only long silk fibers can be woven into pure charmeuse silk - soft and shiny silk fabric . To get long silk fibers, we need to reel silk before the moth bites through the cocoon. After silkworms spin silk and form cocoons, they turn into silkworm chrysalis. Before the silkworm chrysalis turns into a moth, this period of time is equivalent to a 'sleeping period'. During this period, we need dry cocoon, boil cocoon, and reel silk.

Please send requests with details.