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  • mulberry trees

    Mulberry Trees & Leaves

    Mulberry Trees Farm

  • silkworms

    Silkworms spin silk to build cocoons

    Mulberry silk cocoons living house

  • mulberry cocoons

    Mulberry Silk Cocoons

    Single, Clean, Big cocoons are the best.

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  • mulberry silk cocoons

    Mulberry Cocoons Warehouse

    Stock mulberry silk cocoons in dry and safety place.

  • Select cocoons

    Select Fine quality cocoons

    Double cocoons and blood cocoons both can't be make silk fabric fiber, only can be silk filling products fiber.

  • Boiled Cocoons(Humanitarian)

    Boiled Cocoons(Humanitarian)

    Boiled silk cocoons before reeling silk.

  • Reeling Silk Fiber

    High quality single cocoons can be reel silk.

  • Raw Silk Fiber

    After dry and inspection,get raw silk fiber.

  • Woven Silk Fabric- Grey Cloth

    Higher quality silk fabric depends on the silk grade cloth fabric quality.

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  • Silk Fabric

    Finish Silk Fabric

  • Cutting Silk Fabric

  • Stitch Silk Pillow case

  • Inspection silk pillowcase

  • Packing silk pillowcase

  • Stitch Silk Eye Mask

  • custom scrunchies

    Stitch Silk Hair Scrunchies

  • Silk Scrunchies Production

  • custom scrunchies

    Stitching Silk Hair Scrunchies

  • Silk Scrunchies Sort Out

    Important step to make scrunchies Nice

  • Packing


    Packed silk products as per requests

  • Wholesale Silk Pillowcase

    Finish Products

    Fine Quality Packing

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