Elevate your haircare routine with our luxurious silk bonnets. As a professional silk bonnet manufacturer and supplier in China, we specialize in custom silk bonnets tailored to your preferred size, color, and design. Embrace the epitome of style and sophistication with our exquisite silk hair bonnet services. Choose excellence – choose custom silk bonnets from the trusted vendor and manufacturer.

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Custom Silk Bonnet


Minimum Order Requests (MOQ)

  • Custom brand label: No MOQ for silk night cap. Only need pay label cost.
  • Custom brand hang tag: No MOQ for silk night cap. Only need pay hang tag cost.
  • Embroidery logo: minimum 20 pieces per color per size at least. Recommend 50 pieces to make embroidery price competitive.
    (Embroidery silk bonnet request logo is simple. Complicated logo embroidery effects aren't enough good, the reason is silk fabric is thin.)
  • Custom hot print logo: MOQ 50pieces/pattern. Hot print are available for complicated logo, any colors. But after long time wash, there will have pattern drops.
  • Custom digital printing bonnet: There requests MOQ.


Silk hair bonnets are made from high quality silk, ensuring soft, smooth and gentle on hair. Offering 19/22/25/30 Momme silk fabric as options. Recommend 19 Momme silk sleep bonnet.


Provide customized services of different sizes, colors and patterns to meet customers' individual needs.


Silk hair caps are often used to protect hair from tangles, tangles, or friction damage, to ensure healthy hair.

Please browse below, send your needs to us, our Service Team will contact you.

How to Order

1) Please confirm silk bonnet types you prefer

We produce different types of mulberry silk hair bonnet, choose a style you prefer.

2) Customized Requests

  • Custom brand label
  • Custom brand hang tag
  • Custom Embroidery logo: Simple text fonts are recommended for logo embroidery - to ensure good embroidery results
  • Custom digital printing bonnet: There requests MOQ.
  • Custom silk bonnet types

3) Customized packaging

  • Small quantity & Save budget: free bag recommended
    You can find good packaging in your city and then repackage it before shipping to consumers.
  • Small quantity and deluxe packages:
    Gift Box: Order custom box - 500 pieces / 1000pieces. The quantity required to place the current order. Remaining boxes will be stored in our warehouse for your future orders.
  • Large Quantity: Customize any packaging you need.

4) Price

Website all pure silk bonnet are made of 100% mulberry silk 19 Momme. If need others, please contact us.

Mulberry Silk bonnets wholesale price list are near to 'add to cart '. Mulberry silk bonnet wholesale price Excludes any accessories, only silk sleep bonnet, and online price list are single color price (eg. 100pieces all in #26 natural white color). If need mix color price list (eg. 500pieces in 5 colors.) of pure silk sleep cap, please contact us.

5) Shipping fee

Shipping charges are based on packaging.
If asking about shipping costs, please indicate packaging requirements.

  • Small quantities can only be shipped by air/express. Gift box packaging will increase the volume and cause higher shipping costs.
  • It is recommended to ship by sea for gift box packaging to save freight, but sea shipping will require a higher quantity of silk bonnet turbans.

    Considering the shipping cost, we recommend free bags for small quantity orders.

5) Shipping Time & Productions Times

  • Sample production need 3-5 working days
  • Customized Order Production time need 10-45 days after paied, detailed production time as per order quantity.
  • Our service team will send you Invoice and workmanship for approval before payment requests, to avoid any mistakes, please kindly confirm all details before arrange payment.
  • Do Not Accept Return if there doesn't have quality issues.
  • Ship by FEDEX/UPS/DHL - around 1 week, some times need 7-10 working days. (Normal Orders)
  • Ship by sea: Bulk Order
  • Ship by Air: Bulk Order
  1. All online price are EXW price (custom and wholesale), only products price, excludes shipping costs or buyer import duty.
  2. Fast shipping (DHL/UPS/FEDEX) support ship to most countries in world. If you can't directly order online, please contact us.
  • Below silk bonnet wholesale price list are near to 'add to cart', on detail page.

Please send requests with details