Understand Your Needs

In order to provide a clear quotation for silk pillowcases, we need you to help us understand your needs. Below we will learn about silk fabrics and your needs through the following points:

1st - Choose Silk Pillowcase Quality

In silk pillow shams market, there have different quality silk pillowcases. Choose a natual silk pillowcase quality that suits your target market is the first step.

Please click "Basic Fabric Information" to learn what momme is and the differences between each momme if there still have questions.

2nd - Choose Silk Pillowcase Types

Our factory produce silk pillowcase types based on your needs. Envelope silk pillowcase and silk pillowcase with zipper are hot sales pillowcase closures.

3rd - Choose the Size of Silk Pillowcase

Different market have different size of silk pillowcase needs. Please confirm silk pillow covers' size.

4th - Confirm workmanship of silk pillow case

Different real silk pillowcase workmanship requests different minimum order requests (MOQ). Normally, custom silk pillow with logo, there have below workmanship as options.

  • Custom brand label: No MOQ for silk pillow case. Only need pay label cost.
  • Custom brand hang tag: No MOQ for silk pillowcases. Only need pay hang tag cost.
  • Embroidery logo: minimum 20 pieces per color per size at least. Recommend 50 pieces to make embroidery price competitive.
    (Embroidery silk pillowcase request logo is simple. Complicated logo embroidery effects aren't enough good, the reason is silk fabric is thin.)
  • Custom hot print logo: MOQ 50pieces/pattern. Hot print are available for complicated logo, any colors. But after long time wash, there will have pattern drops.
  • Custom digital printing pillowcase available, there requests MOQ, please mentioned silk pillowcase size and types and send to us to requests price.
  • Support Sample

5th - Confirm silk pillow cases' package

We supply free bag, PVC bag, silk pouch and gift box for mulberry silk pillowcases.
Small order: We recommend free bag / silk pouch to same cost.
Bulk order: Custom package based on your needs.

6th - Confirm Quantity and Color

As we all know, quantity affects price. The smaller quantity, the higher fabric cost, accessories cost and labor cost, so large quantity each unit price lower more. Please provide as detailed a request as possible so we can provide a more accurate quote. For special requirements such as printed silk pillowcase, we can also provide feasible solutions according to your needs.

Q: Should I order directly on the website or contact your company first?

  • If you only need 1 or 2 samples and there are no special requirements, you can order directly online.
  • If you need custom workmanship or need a large quantity or need different products to order together, please contact us first. Our service team will sort out all your requirements, create an invoice with detailed product workmanship, and send it to you for approval and then payment.
  • For repeat orders, please send us an order request directly via email or whatsapp, our order system has detailed order records based on your past orders. We can then pull all the information together for your approval, avoiding any mistakes.

Please send silk pillowcase inquiry includes quality, types, size, color, workmanship and package requests. If need us introduce more luxury silk pillowcase information, please email us or send requests via whatsapp.