What is the silk pillowcases' fabric quality of this collection ?

This collection all silk pillow covers are made of 100% pure mulberry 22 momme silk pillowcase, grade 6A silk fiber.

Does your factory really support 1 piece wholesale silk pillowcases 22 momme ?

Yes. With stock silk fabric, we support 22 momme silk pillow case wholesale 1 piece start.

What custom silk pillowcase service does your factory provide?

  • With stock silk fabric, customized silk pillowcase with brand label / brand hang tag, there doesn't have minimum. Only need pay brand label / hang tag cost.
  • Custom embroidery silk pillowcase, MOQ request 20 pieces per color per size at least. To have competitve price, we recommend you order 50pieces per color per size.
  • Custom pattern silk pillowcase, please send detailed requests, then we will work out MOQ based on requests.

Does your factory support mulberry 22 momme silk pillowcase sample?

Yes, we support sample - produce 22 momme silk pillowcases sample based on your requests.

Where to find bulk silk pillowcases wholesale price list?

Click below popular size silk pillowcases. 22 Momme mulberry silk pillowcase wholesale price list of each products are near to 'add to cart '. 22 mm silk pillowcases wholesale price Excludes any accessories, only pure silk pillowcase, and online price list are single color price (eg. 100pieces all in #26 natural white color). If need mix color price list (eg. 500pieces in 5 colors.) of real silk pillowcase, please contact us.

Produce silk pillowcase in any workmanship ? Envelope / Hidden zip / with ties / Flange?

Yes, we produce any types of silk pillowcase like envelope silk pillowcase, silk pillowcase with zip, oxford silk pillowcase, silk pillowcase with ties, silk fitted sheet style pillowcase etc. Envelope and hidden zip silk pillow cases are best popular types.

Popular silk pillowcase size

  • Silk Pillowcase with zipper :
    30×40cm(Travel); 40×40cm(Cushion); 45×60cm; 40×80cm; 50×80cm; 50×60cm; 51×66cm; 50×70cm; 50×75cm; 51×91cm;
  • Envelope Silk Pillowcase :
    45×60cm; 40×80cm; 50×80cm; 50×60cm; 51×66cm; 50×70cm; 50×75cm; 51×91cm; 60×63cm; 60×70cm; 65×65cm;
  • Oxford Silk Pillowcase (5cm Flange):
    50×60cm+5cm; 50×75cm+5cm;

Below hot sale silk pillowcases wholesale price list are near to 'add to cart', on detail page.

Please send requests with details.