1 piece wholesale silk scrunchies

Our factory honestly offer 1 piece wholesale silk scrunchies service.

Based we have stock silk fabric, we offer 19 momme silk hair scrunchie wholesale. All online mulberry silk hair ties collections are available for 1 piece wholesale.

Understand Your Needs

1 piece wholesale silk scrunchie service is suitable for those who want to start a silk hair scrunchies business with a small budget. If you have the budget, start marketing your luxurious silk scrunchie brand from the beginning - custom brand silk scrunchie.

Have a small budget but want to try the branded silk scrunchie business?

Available. Although there cannot customize brand labels on real silk scrunchie, but you can customize brand stickers or hang tags on package.

Which quality silk scrunchie should be taken?

It depends on how effects you wanna when pure silk scrunchies wear on hair, which effects you wanna show your target consumers, and how many budget you have.

Please send requests with details.