Wholesale Silk Eye Mask

We offer silk eye mask wholesale services: Buy Inventory and Wholesale Silk Sleep Mask Bulk, as a professional silk eye mask factory in China. Providing 1piece for wholesale silk sleep mask service, help you build silk eye mask business on your budget. Elevate your brand with the finest silk eye masks, embodying comfort and sophistication.

  • Buy Inventory: In stock, ready to ship. For those seeking immediate fulfillment, our warehouse is stocked, ensuring your pure silk sleep mask are dispatched within 3 business days.
  • Bulk Silk Sleep Mask Wholesale: Provide you the flexibility to select colors from our stock color sheets.

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Quality options

Based on the 19/22/25/30 Momme silk fabrics we have in stock, we offer any size silk sleep mask wholesale. All online silk sleep eye mask collections are available for wholesale in 1 piece.

Choose the right quality silk eye mask for your store

We recommend 19 momme silk eye mask more. After all, consumers like economical sleep mask more. If there also order 22 momme silk pillowcase sales together, to keep color and quality same, recommend 22 momme silk eye mask. If there need provide top luxious silk sleep mask to consumers, then 25 momme silk eye mask or 30 momme eye mask both available.

Have a small budget but want to try the branded silk eye mask business?

Available. Although there cannot customize brand labels on real silk sleep mask, but you can customize brand stickers or hang tags on package.

Please browse below, send your needs to us, our Service Team will contact you.

How to Order

1) Buy inventory or bulk wholesale

  • Buy Inventory: Quick turnaround, no cash flow tied up.
  • Bulk wholesale: Choose colors you prefer on stock color sheets.

2) Choose a Quality

  • 19 Momme Silk Eye Mask - Higher Quality
  • 22 Momme Silk Eye Mask - Premium Quality
  • 25 Momme Silk Eye Mask - Superior Quality
  • 30 Momme Silk Eye Mask - Top-level Quality

    Momme is a silk fabric unit. High Momme means higher price and more durability. Means more luxury, doesn't mean more silk benefits. Higher momme means heavy luxury.

    19 Momme Silk Sleep Mask are widely used quality in Silk Market.

3) Packing

Pack into Free bag

4) Price

Pure silk sleep mask wholesale price list are near to 'add to cart '. 100 mulberry silk eye mask wholesale price Excludes any accessories, only luxury silk eye mask, and online price list are single color price (eg. 100pieces all in #26 natural white color). If need mix color price list (eg. 500pieces in 5 colors.) of natural silk sleep mask, please contact us.

5) Production & Shipping

  • Sample production need 3-5 working days
  • Customized Order Production time need 10-45 days after paied, for detailes as per order quantity.
  • Our service team will send you Invoice and workmanship for approval before payment requests, to avoid any mistakes, please kindly confirm all details before arrange payment.
  • Do Not Accept Return if there doesn't have quality issues.
  • Ship by FEDEX/UPS/DHL - around 1 week, some times need 7-10 working days.
  • Ship via China post e-parcel - shipping time need around 15 to 30working days.(Small Quantity Only)
  1. All online price are EXW price (custom and wholesale), only products price, excludes shipping costs or buyer import duty.
  2. Fast shipping (DHL/UPS/FEDEX) support ship to most countries in world. If you can't directly order online, please contact us.

Please send requests with details.