Silk Headband Turbans - Classic

We produce Silk Headband Turbans - Classic, offer custom silk headband wholesale services, as a professional silk products supplier and manufacturer. Customized silk head band includes size, brand label, brand hangtag and pattern.

Silk Headbands Quality

All website pure silk headband are made of 19 momme 100% mulberry silk fabric grade 6A. 19 Momme real silk head wrap are Widely used quality. Request others quality (22/25/30 Momme), please contact us.

Check Wholesale Price

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Stock Color Sheet

Custom silk head band with brand label

No MOQ for mulberry silk headbands. Only need pay label cost.

Minimum Order Requests (MOQ)

  • Custom silk hairbands with brand label: No MOQ for silk hair bands. Only need pay label cost.
  • Custom silk headbands with brand hang tag: No MOQ for silk headband. Only need pay hang tag cost.
  • Custom digital printing headband: There requests higher MOQ if only make silk headband. Recommend you customized 1 pattern for all silk products to decrease each products MOQ.
  • Custom crystal silk headbands: 50pieces/pattern.