Oxford Silk Pillowcase

Oxford silk pillowcase is a classic pillowcase type, but it is rarely used for silk pillowcases and is mainly popular in Europe. Also features a classic envelope closure that's easy to pull in or out. Custom silk pillowcases include custom sizes, colors, craftsmanship, and patterns.

Silk Pillowcase Quality

Stock Colors Sheet

19 Momme and 22 Momme wide width silk fabric 9 Colors

Minimum Order Requests (MOQ)

Using Stock Silk Fabric:

  • Custom silk pillowcase with brand label: No MOQ for silk pillow case. Only need pay label cost.
  • Custom silk pillow shams with brand hang tag: No MOQ for silk pillowcases. Only need pay hang tag cost.
  • Embroidery silk pillowcase with brand logo: Minimum 20 pieces per color per size at least. Recommend 50 pieces to make embroidery price competitive. (Embroideried silk pillowcase request logo is simple. Complicated logo embroidery effects aren't enough good, the reason is the light weight of silk fabric - complicated logo will be easily damaged silk fabric)
  • Custom pattern silk pillowcase (digital printing): There have MOQ for custom printed silk pillowcase, please mentioned silk pillowcase size and types and send to us to requests price.

Popular Silk Pillowcase

Size: 50×75cm+5cm

For more sizes and colors, pleae contact us.

Please send requests with details.