Popular Silk Scrunchies for hair

Real silk scrunchies

The earth give us life, and the sun give us four seasons. I love everything about nature, the colors and power of everything.

1st, of course, the Black silk scrunchie. #03Black is classic color, best silk scrunchies. and never wrong whatever which style and color you wear.

2nd, #27 sliver grey silk scrunchies   #29 Beige Silk Hair Scrunchies

        #49 beige real silk scrunchies    # 41 Deep coffee mulberry silk scrunchie

        #43 Dark Blue silk scrunchy     #66 Middle Grey

        #81 nude Mulberry Silk Scrunchies 
These are gentle color 100 silk scrunchies. also Match most wear styles.

3rd, Nowaday, girls like suitable and attractive styles, make themself everyday happiness. The gentle color do not mean right color, it is only not a fault. Best silk scrunchies for hair is the eye of the wear style. Good taste lies in details.
Young girls means bright, hot, warm and Smart. Color #01, #12, #47, #32,#31, #05 etc. Make a silk scrunchies set, like a laughing girls, happiness & Bright.

Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

For Season collection:

Everything is revived in spring, full of vitality. Color #04, #19, #14, #06, #63, #24. Make this silk scrunchies as a set like a garden flower, a spring, life start.

Summer is colorful.
It's blue, The bright and blue sky let me enjoy every minitue, let me drunk. Color #48 sky blue
It's watermelon. Cools & Sweet! Color#32
It's Green. Enjoying the shade under the shade of the tree, and when I raised my head, there was a lush green. Color #44
It's Violet & Pink. Lotus flower & leaves in my each summer. Color #69 and #28.
It's Gold. the Sun always with us. The joy of the beach, sandcastles and sunbathing come from it all! Color#08

Autumn is golden: the rice is golden and looks like a golden ocean from a distance. When the autumn wind blows, the rice shakes and shakes, making waves. It is color#24
Autumn is Dark Green. Green and pines and cypresses are always dressed in green and look vibrant. It's color #52
Autumn is Yelow, like the fallen leaves, and when they float down, they look like a butterfly in the wind, dancing. It's color #35
Winter is white, Pure white snow are the joy of winter. Color #26
Winter is Brown, the branches are gathering strength and waiting for new life. Color #41

Winter is green, Santa Claus comes from the light with his gift and puts it under the Christmas tree, which is the fruit of joy. Color#61
Winter is the color of plum blossoms, snow lying on plum blossoms, that is most beautiful views. Color#80
Winter is the color of strawberries, sweet and delicious. Color #07
Winter is the taste of turkey, charred on the outside and tender on the inside. Color#15
The warm sun in winter is the most comforting. The vermilion morning sun rises slowly and gradually turns golden. In the evening, it gradually turns orange-yellow. The sunset glow in winter, depending on the geographical location, the color is different in different place. Here, it is a purple sunset glow. The Chinese say that purple air comes from the east, which means peace and prosperity, happiness and well-being, and great wealth. Color#24, #62

what color is the sunset glow in winter in your place?

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