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Someone email us ask whether your factory wholesale pillowcase? someone ask really wholesale pillowcase from 1 piece? the pillowcase really made by real mulberry silk?

Here is FAQs:

1) Does your company are real factory?
Yes. If not, how we can supply wholesale silk pillowcase or custom pillowcase in huge colors, without MOQ, with or without brand? Only our own factory can match our sales teams requests - clients requests.

2) If I real only order 1 piece as sample and choose post shipping, will you really send parcel?
Of Course. Post shipping takes long time, if you don't mind shipping time and need sample not urgently, then go order. We understand clients worried quality, and worried whether parcel send out after paied etc. Kindly trust us 1 times, give us a chance show our products and customer service. We believe you will love our products and love our service. You always know what status of your order.

3) Why supply Paypal?
Our main business is OEM, so the most payment is company bank to company bank. Supply Paypal for sample or small business. We understand what clients worried, so we supply paypal to show us honesty. If you had international business experienced, you will find the bad supplier or cheater do not supply paypal, main reason is Paypal have strict policy, sometimes it is not polite for seller. so they can't supply paypal. But we can, the main reason is the quality is our main concerns, we care about every products quality, never afraid consumers do not like quality. and have strict quality requests clients, we suggest check sample first.

4)I want check sample, does your company supply?
Of course, fill in color number you like and choose the shipping method you like, then order.

5)Why online shipping cost higher than customer service send?
As we suggests, we suggest you contact us to recheck shipping cost. Because based on online packing, the shipping volume sometimes not correct, we need check in person and work out shipping cost for you.

6) Why i can't see wholesale price?
Each products pages have wholesale price list based on different quantity. If can't find, please reload page or send requests to us, we will send to you.

7)Why only have silk products?
Our factory is silk products factory, only have silk products.

8) Your website do not have the silk products I need, can i custom silk products? like custom pillowcase? custom scrunchies?

Look, we are silk products manufacturer, produce silk pillowcase, silk scrunchies based on clients requests, so produces pillow case, scrunchies, sleep mask, bonnets based on clients requests are our basic ability. Website online silk pillowcase, silk hair scrunchies, silk sleep mask are popular in market, not all products in market, and not all products we can produce. Please send requests to us.

Our sample team have a slogan: You pay money, We make products, No matter how hard it is, we must make you what you need.

9)I see your wholesale price, price a little bit higher than other supplier?
Online wholesale price are Mix colors prices, no matter how many colors you do, we do it for you. Like 50 pieces 50 colors also available. If there have big quantity for 1 colors, please contact us. Price can be decreased, as we save labor cost if No mix color.

Mix color means, except cutting, others all need make separately, these will increase labor cost, change stitching threads and testing need time.

10) How does your company promise the order quality?
1st, all quality pass SGS/ITS testing.
2nd, We promise the fabric we use only 100% mulberry silk higher quality, greade 6A.

If do not consider of silk fabric quality, the price can be much cheap, we live in silk base, from mulberry silkworms, grey cloth to finish silk fabric, silk products etc, we know of silk, it is our daily life to feed silkworms when we were childs, reeling silk is adults life. It is our life products, we can't give you bad quality to destroy our repuation.

11) How about your company finish silk products in stock?
Even though we supply wholesale and custom silk products without MOQ, but production team have production plan list, production need time. so we supply basic and popular silk products in stock to meet clients who need products quantity small and need fast.
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