How to choose pure silk pillowcase for your brand store?

On the Europe silk pillowcase market, there have 16 / 19 / 22 / 25 / 30 momme silk pillowcases, sales on brand store or supermarket or Amazon / ebay etc sales patform. Based on sales datas, we recommend 19 momme silk pillowcase or 22 momme silk pillowcase.

In the European market, most online sales brand stores cover all markets in the nearest country. So they sell several sizes of silk pillowcases for these markets. Except for the two types of envelope silk pillowcases and zippered silk pillowcases sold in the UK market, other European countries mostly use envelope-sealed silk pillowcases and oxford silk pillowcase (silk pillowcase with flange).

Below silk pillowcases wholesale price list are on detail page, near to 'add to cart'.