Which quality silk pillowcase is best? Why?

wholesale silk pillowcase
If do not consider money, 30 Momme is top quality: Luxurious, Durable and good for skin and hair.

As a silk pillowcase manufacturer, we think the best silk pillowcase is the one clinets like and best sales.
1) All Silk Pillowcase have silk benefits.
2) Only sales can bring money, the products for workers and company have the meaning.
so whatever quality is 19 Momme or 22/25/30 Momme silk pillowcase, only our clients think their target market like this quality mulberry silk pillowcase and sales very well. Then the quality silk pillowcase is best for the target market.

How about for brand owner or wholesaler?
Some clients think only the 30 Momme is best.
In blogwriter mind, our clients order silk pillow case for sale not for stock, so first, we need think which quality silk pillowcases is the target market clients like, which price they can affordable. Then order and sale.

Based on silk pillowcase supplier sales datas, which quality sales best?
19 Momme -Price & Quality both nice for consumers.
19 >22>25>30
Compare 19 Momme VS 22 Momme
  • Quality:

22 momme silk pillowcases quality higher than 19 Momme
22 Momme Silk Yarns used more than 19 Momme, that is why 22 Momme fabric hand feeling thicker than 19 Momme. that is why mulberry silk pillowcase 22 momme durable than 19 Momme silk pillowcase.

  • Silk Benefits: Same Silk benefits
We need to clear that all silk benefits comes from silk fiber - the world wide natual silk fiber - 18 kinds amino acid which similar like human body.
  • Price: 22 momme higher than 19 Momme, also because of 22 momme use more silk yarns.
That is why 19 Momme sales best.
Please take the quality based on your target market needs.
We suggest you take 19 momme mulberry silk pillowcase if budget limited.

Compare 25 Momme VS 30 Momme
  • Quality:
25 momme silk pillowcases quality lower than 30 Momme
30 Momme silk pillowcases are top quality.
  • Silk Benefits: Same Silk benefits
  • Price: 30 momme higher than 25 Momme - 30momme use more silk yarns.

Please take the quality based on your target market needs. If budget limited, we suggest you take 25 Momme.

Some clients take 4 quality in their store for consumers choice. We suggest sales 19 Momme, 22 Momme and 25 Momme or 19 Momme, 22 Momme and 30 Momme. 25 Momme or 30 Momme select 1 of them is enough for highest quality sales ranges.

Why so many stores sales 22 Momme silk pillowcases?

Before SLIP brand popular, in Market, the pillowcase quality mostly in 19 Momme. Some in 16 Momme. The pillowcase sales mainly in Europe, color in white. SLIP brand getting popular, espeically some stars start use silk pillowcase, then silk pillowcase getting popular, then market start have more durable silk pillowcases 25 Momme , then 30 Momme mulberry silk pillowcase.

Slip make pillowcase popular, social media sales popular, amazon sales popular, then there have many new brands start sales real silk pillowcase use 22 Momme, that is why market have so many stores sales 22 Momme.

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